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If you need a few cohesive fishing and inspiration days, you are more than welcome on one of my guided fishing trips in my two-seated pontoon boat. 

I will row and guide you into ideal fishing position; if you like spin or fly fishing is entirely up to you…

The trip includes overnight stay and food, which is bought and prepared in advance.

The days go like this

You arrive the evening before the first day of fishing on an agreed-upon location. We will have a talk and prepare for the next fishing day, which could for example be a sea trout trip to the coast of Djursland.

First day of fishing stars with a cup of coffee and breakfast, and when we arrive back home after a good and eventful day out, I will serve a solid meal accompanied by a beer/soda.

During the evening we evaluate the day’s events and plan the second day out; this could for example be a drift trip on the river Gudenå for pike.

Again the day starts with a cup of coffee and breakfast, and both days I will bring some tasty sandwiches or similar for lunch.

We finish day two with a cup of coffee and evaluation of the trip and adventures in my home.

Price: €470 (3.500) (DKK) all inclusive.

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Djursland, Randers Fjord, Mariager Fjord, Gudenåen, Glenstrup Sø 

Guide henrik leth

Guide:  Henrik Leth 

  • Baggrund: Mere end 50 års erfaring med fluefiskeri, fluebinding og instruktion. Bor i Randers og har fisket i Mariager Fjord, Randers Fjord,  Djurslandskysten og i Glenstrup Sø siden ’76. 
  • Jeg tilbyder:  Fluefiskeri, kasteinstruktion, fluevalg og affiskning. Guider fra 1 - 5 personer. Vadefiskeri, eller fiskeri fra pontonbåd. 
  • Du er velkommen til at kontakte mig for en uforpligtigende snak!

Møn - sydsjælland

Knud Stangegaard

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